Trust and a Thousand Smiles:
Chibune General Hospital

For Those Seeking
Emergency Outpatient (24-hour) Service

Unless it is urgent, please come during normal outpatient (daytime) hours.
Please inquire about emergency outpatient services if you require urgent care.

With emergency outpatient services, we can help outside of normal business hours or on weekends and holidays, but this does not mean that during these times we can provide the same level of treatment as during normal business hours. In order to confirm whether or not we can see you, please call ahead. Please note that if you come to the hospital without calling ahead, our doctors may be unable to see you, or you may have to wait a long time. We cannot guarantee that English and other foreign-language telephone support will be available at all times. We request your understanding in this matter.

What to bring with you to the hospital

Passport / Residence Card / Health Insurance Card (any one)
AND cash for a deposit

Emergency Outpatient
Points to Note

  1. 1 The order in which patients are seen is based on the severity of their condition

    Depending on such factors as how crowded the hospital is, the order may change slightly, and we may require those who are not severely ill or in need of urgent treatment to wait longer.

  2. 2 First-time patients will be examined by the Emergency Treatment Department doctor

    It differs from normal outpatient treatment in that during normal business hours an Emergency Department doctor sees patients, while afterhours it will be the on-call doctor.

  3. 3 Prescriptions are, as a general rule, for one day’s worth of medicine

    Patients who get prescriptions during afterhours or weekend/holiday service are given 1-day prescriptions as an emergency measure. You can get your medicine at the After-Hours Medicine Desk within the hospital.

    * If you suffer from the same symptoms for several days, it is recommended that you use the normal outpatient service, which is more likely to be able to provide you with sufficient examination and treatment and will allow you to make a reservation for reexamination later.
  4. 4 The medical bill will be higher than normal outpatient treatment

    The charge for emergency outpatient treatment includes additional costs for afterhours and/or weekend/holiday service, and so is more expensive than normal outpatient treatment.

  5. 5 We cannot guarantee all-hours
    English support

    As the need arises we may need to use an app to communicate. If you have someone who can translate, please have them accompany you.

  6. 6 Deposit to borrow crutches

    Patients who need to borrow crutches will need to make an additional deposit. Failure to return them will result in us claiming compensation to the value of ¥10,000.

Afterhours payment

On the day of your arrival at the hospital we will request a deposit of the following amount, with payment being finalized at a later date.
We do not accept payment by credit card outside of normal opening hours.

  • ¥5,000 (for those who have an insurance card)

  • ¥20,000 (for those who do not an insurance card)

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★ Prices may vary depending on the content of your examination/treatment.

1F Entrance Hall

2F Outpatient Floor

Outpatient Service During
Normal Opening Hours

What to bring with you to the hospital: Passport / Residence Card / Health Insurance Card (any one)

Consultation hours AM 9:00–12:00  (reception is from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm)
PM 1:30–5:00

Treatment Flow

  1. 1

    Please fill out a “Medical Examination Request Form” and “Medical Questionnaire” at the General Reception on the 1st floor, and hand them in along with your health insurance card. Once you are registered, you will be issued with a number slip.

  2. 2

    Go to the 2F Outpatient Floor and give your number slip at the relevant medical examination counter. You will either be called or your number will be displayed on the screen in order to notify you of when the doctor will see you.

  3. 3

    Once you have seen the doctor, please wait in the waiting area. One of our office staff will call you.

  4. 4

    Please pay at either the automated payment machines or the Accounting Desk. Both of them are on the 1st floor. * Those paying by credit card and wishing to use their signature should speak to the receptionist at the Accounting Desk.

    Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express

For Those with Prescriptions

This hospital provides external prescriptions, so please bring your prescription to your local health insurance pharmacy. Please ask at the 1F General Reception for more details.

2F Outpatient Floor

2F Outpatient Examination Room

1F Convenience Store (Lawson)

Floor Guide

1st Floor

1st Floor
  • Reception Counter
  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Emergency Exit
  • Multipurpose Toilet
  • Toilet
  • 1 General Reception
  • 2 Automated Payment Machines
  • 3 Introduction Desk
  • 4 Medical Plaza
  • 5 Convenience Store (Lawson)
  • 6 Medical Welfare Consultation Room /
    Cancer Consultation Support Center
  • 7 Regional Medical Cooperation Room
  • 8 After-Hours Medicine Desk
  • 9 Disaster Control Center
  • 10 Admitting Department
  • 11 Rehabilitation Room

2nd Floor

2nd Floor
  • Reception Counter
  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Emergency Exit
  • Multipurpose Toilet
  • Toilet
  • 1 Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • 2 Pediatrics
  • 3 Internal Medicine
  • 4 Internal Medicine / Anesthesiology / Neurosurgery
  • 5 Surgery / Orthopaedic Surgery
  • 6 Urology / Otolaryngology
  • 7 Dermatology / Ophthalmology
  • 8 Physiological Laboratory
  • 9 Gastrointestinal Endoscope Center
  • 10 Radiology
  • 11 Emergency Center
  • 12 Central Treatment Room

Taxi Travel Times from Major Areas

  • Facility

    • Universal Studios Japan
      About 20 mins.
      (Distance: 6.05 km)
    • Osaka Castle
      About 25 mins.
      (Distance: 9.3 km)
  • Station

    • Umeda Station
      About 17 mins.
      (Distance: 6.76 km)
    • Shin-Osaka Station
      About 18 mins.
      (Distance: 7.43 km)
    • Namba Station
      About 24 mins.
      (Distance: 8.03 km)
    • Tennoji Station
      About 33 mins.
      (Distance: 11.15 km)
  • Airport

    • Osaka International Airport
      (Itami Airport)
      About 26 mins.
      (Distance: 16.76 km)
    • Kansai International Airport
      About 44 mins.
      (Distance: 50.6 km)

    * If using the expressway.

* Distances and times are based on information from the Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association website.

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